anna.laclaque  voice  With a particular affinity to contemporary music the opera singer anna.laclaque alias Annette Stricker  performed in multiple leading opera houses, world premieres (Sciarino Macbeth, Mitterer Massacre)  and international festivals (New York, Paris, Bregenz). She is influenced by intensive collaborations  with the stage directors Achim Freyer, Trisha Brown, and Reinhild Hoffmann, with the music directors  Sivain Cambreling, Kasushi Ono, Beat Furrer, and Peter Rundel, as well as by projects with the  Ensemble Modern and Klangforum Wien, and concerts as member of the Trio Konkret-zu-Abstrakt  concentrated on live-electro-acoustic music. In the context of experimental performance arts she  works together with the electromusician Michel Lavignon.        back